Update Version 1.2!

-Renamed all "CGD" prefix to "CSW" in version 1.2 (i'm very sorry for
this, but it's for keeping consistency with my future works).
-Renamed "CGD_AutoSaveLoad_Object" to "CSWAutoSaveGameObject"

Update Notes
*Update 1.1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyDy-T6eJgw&list=PL7Se41ZzAKZmPVJGCaFxv1bPMXqPgEOQa&index=8
a CGD::SequenceFromInputArray() macros, useful for loading
-GetSavedVariables and SetSavedVariables are divided now
(GetSavedBooleans, GetSavedIFloats, etc).
-Renamed the CGD Component property: "Enable Plugin" to "Enable

*Update 1.2: Video in progress...
-Renamed all "CGD" prefix to "CSW".
-Renamed "CGD_AutoSaveLoad_Object" to "CSWAutoSaveGameObject"
-Renamed "CGDAutoSaveLoadComponent" to "CSWAutoSaveComponent"
-Renamed GetSavedNumbers to GetSavedIntegers (and their Set
-Added GetSaved...() and SetSaved...() functions for Bytes, Texts,
Transforms and Persistent References.
-Now all the CSW Events have the CSW AutoSave Object reference as an
output (you can use this reference to easily save global variables or
Blueprint Structs inside your Actors!). Tutorial soon.


CSWAutoSaveAndLoadSystemv1.2_4.15_compiled.zip 13 MB
Jul 30, 2017
CSWAutoSaveAndLoadSystemv1.2_4.15_source.zip 49 kB
Jul 30, 2017
CSWAutoSaveAndLoadSystemv1.2_4.16_Compiled.zip 16 MB
Jul 30, 2017
CSWAutoSaveAndLoadSystemv1.2_4.16_Source.zip 49 kB
Jul 30, 2017
CSWAutoSaveAndLoadExampleProject_v2_4.16.zip 76 MB
Jul 30, 2017

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